A valuable part of a healthy lifestyle.

Most of our patients have regular health checks. Because the earlier many illnesses are detected, the more effectively they can be treated.

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IMC offers patients on-demand and regular health checks. By visiting us at regular intervals - depending on your age and state of health - you can have the reassurance of detailed examinations with a preventive mindset.

Within minutes from our health centre there are modern facilities where we send our patients for blood and urine analysis, plus x-ray, ultrasound and hearing test investigations.

Your doctor will use these analyses, along with his own investigation, to provide you with a personal health report. You can also discuss issues like weight management and diet during your regular check.

Patients often benefit from having targets for risk factors like high blood pressure and cholesterol, and general fitness levels.

"Our popular annual checkup gives insights into your current state of health ... and gives you health advice and targets."

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